Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Step into my "office"

Hi there! Step into my Office! This is where I work now! We are located in this great complex that used to be a working farm! All of the outbuildings and houses on the property are now businesses ,studio and shopping spaces it is very cool!

Here are a few pictures of the shop inside!
This came from an old garden in Philly love it!
We are in the carriage house.....

The fabulous Rosemary Olsen Made these More to come about these goodies in a special feature coming soon!

So I finally took some pictures of the outside of the shop to share.We are located in a complex that was once a large farm with several buildings.We are in the Carriage house.
I finally have sorted all of my computer issues and I can now finally open.... yeah!
In other drama my father has been unwell and I have primary care over him as my mother is out of town caring for her brothers! And the kiddie poos have been on a rampage and a campaign to send me to the loony bin. I have warned them that if I am to be committed that their father will surely not shop for them as well as I do! So they better take care because it will be mac and cheese and bratwurst and burlap sacks for clothing and many other unpleasantness as daddy does not understand their penchant for bling! Oh well!
I better get back to work I hope that you are well and I will see you soon!

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  1. Hi:
    Your shop has taken shape. How neat to be in the carriage shop.
    Are you not blogging anymore?
    I have stopped blogging once this year and once last year for months at a time due to health issues : (
    I found a bit of time to get back on track and I wanted to say hi. Will you be back? I would enjoy seeing more photos of your shop.
    I hope the children are not in burlap : )